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Vision And Mission

To impart spiritual, moral, academic, and aesthetic values through formal and informal courses with the emphasis on courtesy, honesty, integrity, and loyalty.
To create a spirit of fellowship, equality and mutual enrichment, thus helping our pupils to break down all barriers that divide us.
To help our pupils to be the catalyst of social change bringing about justice and peace in society.
To prepare our pupils for civil service examinations to become able administrators of our country.
To develop a spirit of patriotism and responsible leadership for the service of our country.
To furnish excellent academic opportunities to the children of both the NRIs and the transferable employees.

The Project Work is an important educational tool at SMCS. The study from the textbook is a necessity; yet, all learning experience must be embellished with project work. With this sound educational principle in view, interesting monthly projects take a place of pride in the diary of the school and makes learning pleasant and memorable. The projects involve every student and the large variety of activities built around the central theme of the project, a cause for thrilling anticipation and whole hearted participation among the students and out of text book refreshing experience for the teaching staff.

Students belong to one of the Four houses namely, MODEL, MORAL, NOBLE and GENTLE and all activities will focus on energies and attitudes towards team work. Each House has its motto and color.

Play & Learn

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