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Correspondent's Message

School is a temple of learning, where every child is given a wonderful opportunity to shape himself or herself for the future. St Marys Central School Kinnigoli, offers all round personality development to the students and helps them to grow gracefully in the knowledge and understanding of themselves in relation to others and to God. The school upholds a tradition of excellence not only in academics but also in sports and games and all other extra-curricular activities. A prayerful atmosphere motivates the children perform better and to extend their hands to those who deserve. Particular care is taken to inculcate in the children a sense of respect for all religions. The students are exposed to the right learning environment under the guidance of Qualified, experienced, excellent and caring teachers. They train students to become responsible citizens who are sympathetic to their fellow beings.

Children, today, need greater protection and more motivation to enjoy their educational rights and they should all be given equal opportunities in our institution to develop their true potential. Hence, our mission is to provide a joyful learning environment that empowers children to reach their educational and personal potential while constantly nurturing their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Well, we shall make our school as a place of learning, where we learn a lot about life, the kids at school are taught the basic things they need for life. I am sure that SMCS would provide a warm, secure and welcoming atmosphere for our children.

May God bless you all

V. Rev. Fr. Mathew Vas

Manager, SMCS, Kinnigoli

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